Yari’s Check Yourself Checklist

Maybe you woke up a few days this week and felt less than stellar. Or maybe you’ve been in a rut for a few weeks. It happens to all of us. This is my go-to 4-Step checklist that I use when I find myself feeling less than glow-nificiant.


Am I carrying energy that isn’t my own?

Here is my personal interpretation of this concept: Energy is transferable. Think of your energy like money. You budget, save and only spend in a way that works for you. It takes work to replenish your money. If you don’t work, you’re going to run out. Energy is a little trickier than money though. Think of it this way: Let’s say someone gives you some extra cash. At first, you’re thankful. It seems like a gift. You carry it around in your pocket. It takes up space but it makes you feel good because you think it has value. Then you take it to the store to buy yourself something you like. When you get to the register the cashier informs you that you can’t use the money to buy what you want because it’s only for the person who gave it to you.


What have I been eating?

You are what you eat. I know it sounds sooo damn cliché. We receive messages from everywhere these days about what to put into our bodies. I’ve been a vegetarian for about 2.5 years. However, that is a choice that I’ve made for my body based on what feels go to me. Choose your diet based on what makes you feel good. Your body will talk you if you’re giving it what it doesn’t need or if you’re neglecting what it does. When it comes to fueling my body, I do believe that I get good back from putting good in. After a great meal, I always get what I refer to as a healthy food high. Check your belly, see if she’s happy.


Am I procrastinating?

Okay sis, if you’re one of those people who gets a thrill out of procrastinating, I admire you but this item on the checklist will not serve you. With love, I’m suggesting that you save your energy and skip it. For the rest of us, procrastination can cause a huge amount of anxiety. So much so, that you may not even realize it. It’s like having a bundle of guilt in the back of your mind. If you’re a busy person, this bundle might seem like it has more power than it does. 

If you’re someone who needs to get things done in order to feel calm, my advice is this: It’s okay that you like finish things. Love yourself and make it a part of your self-care routine to set up a schedule that will allow you to complete tasks that are important to you. If someone says, “Can’t you do that later?” Walking around feeling guilty over an assignment, a workout or chore will dim your glow and it shouldn’t.


Am I overthinking?  


Here’s the cool thing about this one. If you start to wonder if you’re overthinking, you probably are. I am guilty of this but here are few things that I do to help myself avoid the mind rabbit hole. Write down your thoughts. If you read your thoughts back to yourself and it looks like a rambling hot mess, cross out the things that don’t make sense (or can be dealt with later). Another option is to stay present. If what you’re thinking about doesn’t need or deserve your attention at the present moment, let it go. 


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