How to Create a Personal Mantra


When I first began my yoga practice I noticed that my favorite instructor would always end our early morning practice with a few short phrases. She would say things like, “It’s a beautiful new day.  It’s a new day to be me. A new day to let go.”

At first I didn’t understand it.  I thought that what she said was nice but I didn’t understand the purpose behind it.

Then, as I started reading more literature and researching the practices of other yoga instructors, I learned that what she was saying was a personal mantra. I should also mention that personal mantras can be used anywhere- not just in yoga class.  

A personal mantra is a way to address a goal or aspiration. We all have goals and aspirations, sometimes big, sometimes small. Regardless of how we rank our goals and aspirations in size, I believe that it is important for us to pay attention to them and speak on them so that we can manifest them.

I decided to create my personal mantra based on what I wanted to focus on during my journey of personal growth. I like to say it every morning when I wake up and throughout the day when I may find myself facing a challenge that my mantra addresses. I also have it written down on a piece of paper clipped to a board on my dresser because believe that writing statements down gives energy to them.

If you would like to create your own personal mantra I would suggest these steps:

1.     Ask yourself what you want to focus on

For example if you’re an anxious person, you might want to focus on statements that make you feel calm.

2.     Find a way to say it

If you’re like me, this might be the hardest part. Finding a way to verbalize a statement that addresses a deep personal challenge is hard to do. A good way to start is to just keep your third eye open for statements that resonate with you. You might find this statement at Church, in book or even in a song. Then, find a way to make the statement your own.

3.     Say it

This is the easy part. Find the time that is most effective for you in your day, go to a quiet space and say the mantra out loud. Some people like to repeat it several times, when they meditate when they pray.

If my steps don’t work for you, find what suits you the best!  This is after all your own PERSONAL Mantra.




Kenyari Keith2 Comments