Tips for Fighting Seasonal Woes


This winter I surveyed some of my Twitter followers about how the weather impacted them. One hundred percent of them answered that the weather affected their moods. It’s no secret that a change in the season can cause you to change internally.

There is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD in which certain weather shows a significant change in your personality, energy, concentration and more.  Some may feel affected in the warmer months but it is more common during the colder months.

Now, I’m not a psychologist by any means, but I thought I would share some of my tips for maintaining a state of well-being during the colder months. Whether you tend to get in a winter funk, or need a pick me up every few days, maybe some of these suggestions will work for you.

“All weather is good weather.”- Latham Thomas aka The Glow Maven via Black Girl In Om Podcast Episode 27


Show yourself some more love.

Try cranking your self care routine up another notch during the winter time. If you need a new scented oil, or an extra cup of herbal tea during the day – give it to yourself. Self care is our first defense against any nasty feelings.

Try a change of scenery.

To help with seasonal changes, many people find it beneficial to have versatility in their homes. If you're thinking about relocating to a new home consider factors such as exposure to sunlight, gardening space and areas to walk in safely. Check out Homes for sale Indianapolis as an easeful way to look for a home that will better suit your needs. 


Stay active.

Exercise is medicine. A simple walk, cycling session or yoga practice (my favorite) can make world of difference.


Simulate warm (for colder months).

Keep yourself warm and cozy with layered outfits. I find cozy layered clothing to be especially helpful during the work day. Let yourself get some sunlight by opening your blinds or taking a quick step outside (while bundled up of course).  I also recommend sitting in near comfortable heat. I love using my fireplace but other good option could be sitting in a warm bath or in a sauna.


Spend time with loved ones.

You know that great feeling you get when you’re sharing a laugh with your family member or good friend? That is also good for you. Cold weather makes it easier to make excuses to say indoors and shut yourself off from the world.  Avoid this. Make it a priority to schedule fun time with your people. A healthy circle creates strong warmth.


If you have any of your own winter woe tips share them with me on Twitter or comment below.



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