What is the Her Glow Up yoga series?

The Her Glow Up Yoga series is a women's only yoga class series, created by Kenyari Keith (Yari Yoga) that is designed to strengthen your oneness with your feminine power off and on the mat. The goal for participants should be to work on their yoga practice, connect with their divine feminine power, bond through sisterhood, learn about yogic concepts and explore holistic wellness. With the proper amount of work and dedication, a woman can and will end this series with a glow that will show from the inside out. Spaces are limited.


Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Your presence in this series is a gift. Please review the class attendance policy before submitting your application.


Meet our team

Our team is rooted in love and sisterhood. We are a passionate about what we do. We welcome you with light and sisterhood. There is one namaste, yet many paths. Learn more about the energy of our team and the space we are ready to hold for you in the Her Glow Up Yoga Series.