Falling in Love With Yoga Part 1

They say when it’s true love, you don’t see it coming


My life was a routine because, well

that’s what responsible successful people had

So all of my happiness centered around

having a polished, flawless routine


I started my workday early

so that I could get home in time to finish the rest of my routine

My chores were done in my apartment every day

My homework was done every day

I exercised every day

My routine was perfect


Something still felt incomplete


One day I decided to shake up my workout routine with yoga

Unbeknownst to me, I was about to shake up my life


It was late February in Indianapolis

The winter was almost thawing but slowly, at Mother Nature’s speed

It was Saturday, I found myself wandering into a yoga studio


The essence of the place made my soul sing

As I rolled out my mat, I noticed

The scent of incense

The glow of the sun pouring in from the windows

The comfort of the heated room

Then my nerves set in

“Wait, a HEATED room?” I thought I was in a non-heated class 

I braced myself for the downpour of sweat


The instructor began speaking

She welcomed us to the space

She introduced herself and invited us to thank ourselves for showing up to our mats

She continued to guide us through our flow

And I slowly forgot the about the heated room

In fact, I slowly forgot about everything that didn’t include

breathing and movement


That hour, was about becoming one with my body and mind

It was no longer about my routine

It was about enjoying a moment in my day

A moment in my week

A moment in my life