Articulate? Nah.

My mom, my mama, my mother

Taught me to speak with dictation

To annunciate

To use proper grammar

I wanted to be precise with my words, like her


So nah,  when I meet you don’t

Call me articulate

I speak just like you


When you formulate a sentence that is grammatically correct

I don’t look at you intently and say that you are well spoken

I listen


Nah, I grew up in my grandmother’s lap

She read me stories and then

She asked me to read them back to her until I could pronounce every word

I wanted to teach like her


Nah, I’m not just outgoing

I watched my father give eloquent speeches to my people

About how great they were, how capable they were

He was inspiring, I wanted to speak like him


Nah, I have more than one voice

I don’t have to speak the same way all the time

If I want to

Slur my words, leave out articles, use a double negative or be lax with my prepositions

It doesn’t make me less than you

I can create, I am multifaceted  

My word is my art


Nah this ain’t your voice

It’s mine

I don’t sound like you, I sound like me

I sound like generations of work, sacrifice, love and support


Don’t call me articulate, nah

I am so much more



Kenyari KeithComment