A little make up was fine at first

Then I realized it wasn't enough

If I was going to wear it

It had to be done right


Like the women on





It had to be flawless


So I began trying




I learned what worked for me

When I wore my make up I was

An artist


Self expressive


Then one morning I realized

That I couldn't leave home without it on

My beautiful mask was my safety 

I never learned how to love my bare face

My skin was imperfect like everyone else

But thought that mine was more imperfect


I felt ashamed with out it

Undone, unkept, unruly

I decided to change

I needed to learn to love my face



Without any

Justifications or enhancements

With nothing


I started to love myself


When I looked in the mirror

I only brought myself and no one else

When I left my home

I did the same

I learned to love my face



I still believe that makeup is beautiful

And I wear it from time to time

But I had to learn to love my canvas first

That healthy skin was beautiful skin


I am still beautiful

I am natural

I am not defined by

Beauty trends

By what's in the store

Or on my timeline

I am defined by me

Kenyari KeithComment