Fear Tried Me


Fear, when I first met you I knew

I couldn't let you have a home

You'd come back to taunt me when

Something was new

Something was difficult

Something was ending

You would try to shape shift

And make yourself look like

Kindness, caution, sensibility, perfectionism

But see Fear, I always knew when it was you

Your disguises didn't finesse me 

I could feel you wrap around my

Common sense, intuition, bravery

You tried to over come them like you deserved

A seat at the table

I'd let you be a guest for a while

Listen to your concerns 

Serve you a  glass of herbal tea 

And warm you up until you evaporated

I could never let you stay too long


Fear, I love that you try to protect me

But I have to analyze you and keep it pushing

I'll experience you but I will not 

Become you, live in you, wear you like a mask, let you be an excuse

I will not be afraid