Don't You Know I'm Free


Freedom looks like life

You know that tingle you get

When you see some creature, some being  

Doing what makes them feel alive  

They have no reservations

No discomfort  

Because they are free  


Don't you know I'm free

I move, I love, I think  


The words I speak might offend or confuse you  

I won't apologize  

My hair, my stare, my stature  

Might leave you uneasy  

That's okay  

See everyday I write a promise on my soul  

To be free  

Freedom is a gift from my ancestors

They sacrificed so that I could


I may never see their faces 

But I will always feel their presence

Sometimes when I'm at my wildest

I can feel their energy telling me

Go on baby be free

When I'm at my boldest

I make them proud


Don't you know I'm free

If you disagree with me when I speak

I'll tell you that's fine 

I want you to be free

You don't need to agree with me

With anyone  

Freedom works that way  


You don't have to see me

I don't need attention

But when you do see me

You will know what I am  

There will be no question  

I won't be living someone else's life  

You'll know I'm me


Life isn't for pacifying or pleasing  

Life is for living  

Don't you know I'm free