Frontseat Freestyle


Can I talk to you

About something real

Sometimes I like to talk to my plants

They grow stronger that way

I know you're wise and mighty

You don't need me

But if you'll allow me I'd like to tell you my truth


See, words don't mean much

If they aren't true

Letters put together to form phrases

Might sound good

But if those phrases aren't the truth

Why would I speak them


I'll cut the fillers

I'll cut the excuses

I'll cut the comfort phrases


I'll say what I mean

When I want to

Sounds easy

Doesn't it


It isn't


Speaking as yourself takes practice

We have to filter through

These things called emotions

And this mess called programming

Somewhere along the way

We lose our voices because we

Want to be





But when someone wants to know

The real you

When you want to know the real you

Share your real voice, share your truth


Because the longer you deny it

The harder it is to find

You might confuse your false thoughts with your truth 

Your imagination with reality

Someone else's views as your own

Saying your truth

Means saying how you feel

You feel good when you're done speaking

There are no remaining





Life becomes simple

Your desires are clear

Your boundaries are clear


Your truth is who you are  

I'd like to see you

I'm sure you're beautiful



Kenyari KeithComment