Out of Alignment


One of the many things that drew me to my yoga practice was the notion that yoga is a personal practice. It is about your experience, your growth and your relationship with your body. Unlike other forms of self expression, yoga doesn't need to be perfect. It isn't about looking good.

Now, don't get me wrong, I respect that the goal for each pose should be to obtain the appropriate alignment. I also understand that in order to get the full benefit of poses it helps to be in the best alignment possible. I work on it every time I practice yoga at the studio or at home. 

Yoga is trendy right now and in my opinion, that's a good thing. When something becomes a trend there is an opportunity to see it from many different angles. I see yoga from the angle of progress and self improvement so I don't mind posting pictures or videos of myself out of alignment.

My yoga posts aren't here to say, look at me I'm a perfect yogini. They are here to say look at my progress, I honor my practice. My hope is that when I do begin teaching, I will be able to show other yogini novices how I publicly embraced my imperfect alignment. I want to be able to show them how it helped me make healthy, productive progress.