She looked out at the sunset  

Everything was beautiful

She felt gratitude

For every brushstroke in the sky

The pink, blue, orange, purple masterpiece  

The sight gave her energy to share  

When she interacted with people 

She extended her gratitude  

See when she looked at people  

She looked at their souls  

Not their exterior

Not their programming

Not their ego  

Just them  

She saw them just like she saw the sunset  

Everything was beautiful  

The sky changed constantly 

Sometimes storms came  

She couldn't be outside  

She couldn't see the sunsent  

When the storm darkened the sky

She had to protect herself

From ice, wind, rain and lightening 

She still felt gratitude for the sky  

Never internalizing the change  

As her own  

She never held less gratitude for the sunset

She never held less gratitude for people

She was realistic and never foolish  

She kept her wits about her

She knew they could be dark or light whenever they chose to be

But she saw the beauty in their souls  

She knew how to view the world  




Kenyari KeithComment