Why I Choose Peace


Peace thanks me for welcoming her

I could choose to feel empowered from  

Drama, anger, friction  

But I don't find growth there

When I see injustice I resist with  


There will always be

A fight  

A cause  

A hashtag  

I believe in social responsibility and change  

Being part of the solution requires

Knowing peace 

So I choose her everyday 

Knowing peace takes practice and discipline  

The world is beautiful

When I view it peacefully  

I don't react with my ego   

I understand  the source  

I let my heart beat settle  

Ask questions  

And listen  

We all want peace  

The absence of it makes us angry  

And once you've found it  

Share it  

Offer it to

Your partner, your family, your friends  

Show it to

Strangers, bullies, the unforgiven

For when we know peace  

We truly know ourselves  





Kenyari KeithComment