Our Team


Yari, Founder + Instructor

Yari is the founder of the Her Glow Up Yoga Series. She instructs every class and plans each detail of the series. Learn more about her teaching background and philosophies here.


Kayla, Ambassador of Divine Alignment + Intuitive Tarot Card Reader

Kayla provides enlightened guidance regarding series collaborations. She is also an exceptional intuitive tarot card reader who often features her services as part of the series. Learn more about her services here.


Dena, Ambassador of Sisterhood and Light

Dena is a natural facilitator of unification through light and truth. She leads the planning of social gatherings off the mat. Dena is also 1/2 of the IG series, Down in the DMs.


Destiney, Ambassador of Sisterhood and Light

Destiney is a solid force of grounded energy. Her warmth and expertise in self care give her a noticeable light. She leads the logistical planning of social engagements for the series. Destiney is also a cycle instructor.